Friday, June 1, 2012

Testing, testing...

I was pleasantly surprised today when some cards and replacement paint pans that I had ordered only a few days ago arrived from Japan.  Keen to try out the cards I did this etegami.
 I am quite happy with the cards, they are thinner than the ones I usually use but okay for mailing in an envelope.
I am posting the link here for any English speakers who are having trouble sourcing etegami cards or paints.
Just copy it to your search engine. As usual the cost of postage is quite an impost but these cards are not really readily available except in Japan.


  1. Thanks for sharing customer feedback on this company. Now I can recommend it to those who ask me. :)

    I've been meaning to ask where you get your sumi ink. Your writing often looks gray rather than black. Or are you using something else?

    1. Debbie, I actually make my ink the old, fashioned way using an ink stick. I find it quite nice preparing the ink on the stone while I think about what I will draw. I do have liquid sumi which I occasionally use, and maybe I dilute it too much giving a grey colour, I don't really like harsh black.

    2. I'm impressed. They do say that making your ink from an ink stick is a very meditative experience, and an important part of "the way" of calligraphy. I have a stick I've never used. I should give it a try. :)