Saturday, June 2, 2012

Take two on the new etegami cards.

A strange morning, out of touch with the cyber world and colliding with the 'real world'.
Our electricity supply was interrupted for several hours this morning, no hot shower, no TV and gasp! NO INTERNET!
The reason for the interruption was the tree removal happening in the park across from us.
Sad to see one of the venerable old ficus trees go but it was clearly diseased and posing a risk to the park users.
The removal took longer than usual as protesters turned up 'stormed the barricades' and had to be removed by police. Tree removal is an emotive issue here in Newcastle, several iconic trees have recently been cut down in the city center and now protesters have been sensitized to any tree felling operation, warranted or not. I am somewhat relieved it has gone, hopefully its replacement will provide shade for the next generation of picnickers in the park. So much excitement  in our quiet backwater, I think I shall have a little lie down.
To show my bona fides I thought an etegami celebrating trees would be appropriate.

This card is one of the No 10 quality ordered from the Rakuten site. A little difficult to get a handle on the nijimi factor but quite a serviceable card.
 Another No 10 card celebrating the best autumn display we have had in years in our mild climate.

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