Friday, June 8, 2012


Prompted by an etegami made by Debbie, I took up the challenge to make one based on a nonsense rhyme. So many to choose from! While everyone is familiar with the works of Edward Lear and Lewis Carrol, I thought a more contemporary author might be fun. Poor old Spike Milligan has departed this life  (his tombstone sports the fabulouse epitaph, "I told you I was sick!") but he lives in the memory of many in the English speaking world for his work on the BBC's Goon Show.
It seemed like a good idea to indulge my new found passion for stamp carving, that way I can send the cards I make to more friends, and carve a couple of cheeky monkeys. I hope Spike approves.

My second one is based on that nonsensical game 'Barrel of monkeys' which many of us remember from our or our children's childhood.
Last Wednesday marked the official opening of the etegami exhibition in the hospital and the Prof and I trudged along in atrocious weather to see the works launched. They have been hanging for about three weeks already and the lady who organizes these exhibitions made a very nice speech telling how they were entertaining passersby and patients who often stopped to look and read.
Even my friends who had seen many of the works in isolation remarked how well they looked hung together.  It was nice to talk to the people at the opening to explain a bit about etegami and the way it is becoming not just a way of doing art for art's sake but as a means of reaching out to others.
All in all a good week.
Next Wednesday the Prof has his medical procedure so I shall probably be a bit preoccupied with that, hopefully another good week, fingers crossed.


  1. I love them both, Carole.

    Funny how the word "monkeys" brings sober thoughts to my mind. Whenever my siblings and I got to be too noisy in the car-- there were 6 of us, and due to my father's vocation, we had to do a LOT of traveling by car-- my father would lose his temper at us and tell us "monkeys" to shut up.

    1. Six of you! If that was the worst thing he said he was a saint!