Thursday, June 14, 2012

A BIG day.

Yesterday was a big day in our lives, the Prof fortunately came through the procedure he underwent. Atrial tachycardia or 'flutter' as it is called (an almost whimsical term for a potentially very dangerous condition) was his problem. The surgeon performed an ablation of  the nerve and it was successful,  hopefully for a long time. All seems well and he is home again in his big chair, TV remote in hand and looking forward to exercising a little more in a few days time, at least that is my view of the future!
Still carving stamps but now they are getting bigger I wonder if I could presume to call them prints?
The artist Frida Kahlo has long been interesting to me, she battled very severe injuries which affected her for the whole of her life but nonetheless she went on to create works of art that still resonate today.
Monkeys too feature in her work and it seemed a logical step to combine my recent monkey preoccupation and an image of Frida.
Frida Kahlo's vivacity and lust for life is the stuff of legend, her affair with Trotsky a strange footnote to the Russian Revolution. Viva la vida Frida!


  1. Yes, this is definitely a print, not a stamp. Very impressive too. :)

  2. Dear Orega-me,
    Very happy for the husband's successful surgery. The work and the post are very thoughtful, really, Viva la vida for the Prof, Origame, too.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. I've missed so much while away! I am glad the Prof came through the operation well. I hope he continues to recover nicely. I like all your new art works, especially the autumn foliage and this one. I was never interested in Frida Kahlo till I saw the movie about her starring Salma Hayek. Apparently Salma worked for years to get the film made as she admired Frida enormously. After seeing the film, so did I - I learnt a lot about her life, Diego Riviera, Mexico and art. Carole, I owe you an etegami. Are you at the same address? By the way I am taking four of your cards to the framer today to get them put in a frame together.