Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ups and downs....

A big up this week was getting some little dishes made by a potter friend Ali Sobel-Read Ali made the dishes as a favour using an imprint of my little handmade echidna stamp. she tried four different glazes, all are fine but my favourite is the black one, probably because I am used to seeing the stamp impression in black.
Life drawing was very good this week , our model was a lass who had never modelled before but she did an excellent job and she was very lovely as well. Usually I struggle to draw "perfect" bodies but this model was so classically "put together" that I really enjoyed drawing her.

The "down" this week is that the days of the craft shop co-op may be numbered. Difficulty with manning the shop and attracting suitable makers whose work will not clash with other shopkeepers in the building is proving very disappointing. It has been fun while it lasted, the only bright side is that if I am not so involved in making and manning I will finally have time to get famous! I do feel however, that I'm cutting it a bit close, being in my 70th year.
At the very least my forearms and fingers will thank me for it because such has been the demand for the stuff I make, there being fewer people involved, that I have been in danger of repetitive strain injury!  Always look on the bright side!
We shall see...maybe I will have time for that portrait painting group, hmmmnnn.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A long humid Summer..

means a lot of "lounge lizard" (in)activity.
Work for the shop goes on and in between there is life drawing, Urban sketching and finally some etegami.
A little bit cryptic but says a lot of what I feel. Valentine's Day is this weekend  so a heart image seemed appropriate. It sounds a bit dramatic to say that one is misunderstood but there are some who willfully look for a reason to paint you in an unfavourable light...just sayin'.
Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day peeps, I'll be getting my usual nothing (the Prof is not romantic) but it is the other 364 days that matter, not to mention the 51 years of being a wonderful mate.
So, Happy Valentine's Day my love.