Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scaredy cat!

Yup, that's me!
A few months ago my friend in Japan, Shungo, sent me a lovely handbound blank book which is intended for drawing in. The book is so lovely that I was too scared to use it, sure that whatever I did in it would not be worthy of it Shungo has told me that he did not make the book, it was made by one of his friends, Masuko Nakamura. I initially thought that it had been made by Shungo who is a man of many talents but he has waded through the language barrier to set me straight.
There was an added complication in that the pages are double with an insert of felt. Why? Was this to protect the thin washi on the other side?
I have finally plucked up the courage to actually paint something in the book.
It seemed like a good idea, as the book itself is actually a 'keeper', to use it to record some of the ideas I have had for etegami(s), so that is what I have done. I hope Shungo san approves.

The book with Japanese 'stab binding'
My painting in the book! You can see the thinness of the paper because the image on the other side of the folded sheet shows through a little bit in the photo.

Not only am I enjoying the book that Shungo sent, it has inspired me through the magic of the internet to learn the art of Japanese binding and I have made a book to bind the watercolours I have done of copies of origami girls I have made...phew,  that's complicated.
My attempt.
One of my drawings in the book I made out of watercolour paper, about 5" tall.
All of this fun from one kind gesture, Shungo, you're the man!


  1. Hi carole!
    This book is my friend ,masuko nakamura,Handmade

  2. Thanks for the information Shungo, I have updated the blog.