Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not an etegami but...

..........inspired by an etegami on the Facebook page Etegami Fun Club.
One of the members, Linda Bachrach posted a charming etegami of some otedama or Japanese jacks which were a traditional Japanese toy, rather like little beanbags. The game was similar to the American 'Knucklebones' and 'jacks' which is what we called them in Australia. I certainly played the game using boiled and dyed sheep Knucklebones! These little otedama are much nicer. Larger versions are used for various other games such as juggling and they were often made from scraps of kimono fabric.
These little ones tried my dexterity, sewing on tiny scraps of slippery fabric but I did try a cotton one which was much easier.

           The little cotton one;

A fun distraction, thanks Linda for the idea.

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  1. Hi, Origa-me,
    What charming otedama! Thank U for the info 'Knucklebones' & 'jacks.' Interesting and joy to know children's games are universal!