Saturday, March 16, 2013

The answer...

What is the question? Well it is the question that bugged the ancient Egyptians terribly, in fact they even deified a bug that rolled around a ball of dung for goodness sake!
The question is; "Where does the sun go when we can't see it?"I do strain to see the similarity of said dung and the sun but it made sense to the Egyptians I guess.
Now you can tell me the earth is round yadda yadda, but my answer is much more palatable, edible in fact. The sun sleeps in the fruits we grow and every morning a little bit stays behind!
Do you like that explanation for the wonderful colour in my latest crop of persimmons? (Don't ask me what happens in winter, some things just have to be taken on faith). I have been enjoying the crop, trying to draw it in Adobe Illustrator (#&*#) and just admiring the colour. I finally went back to my most enjoyable option and did an etegami.
The persimmon tree is in the front garden and almost every day when it is in fruit someone asks what it is. Some people don't like the slippery texture of the ripe fruit but the Chinese lady who serves us dinner every Thursday night at the local club didn't hesitate when I offered  her a share.
We have had bumper crops this year of grapes and mangoes. The grapes are the old Isabella type,which have a delicious intense musky flavour but many are put off by the hard skins and the seeds. It is funny that all of my friends, when they eat the grapes,  say "My grandma grew  these and I love the memories they bring back". My grandma grew them as well.
The mangoes have survived because I bagged the fruit (sometimes in a fairly unorthodox way by putting our odd socks on them..a funny sight but it worked) the fruit bats and fruit fly left them alone so it is mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I never tire of them.
Winter is when the citrus fruit comes in but this year is not so good for them, you win some you lose some.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Be warned before reading and take note of the subtitle of this blog "Diary of a wasted life". Ah well, the Prof assures me that most people do not rise above the mundane so I am not alone in filling my time with trivia.
A little potting up of succulents in the three pairs of superannuated Crocs I have been hoarding, naff (adjective, Brit. lacking taste or style) I know but a good way to keep something out of landfill. The inevitable etegami followed.
 It pleased me to consider myself sabotaging the natural progression of such things from factory to rubbish dump but I guess it is only a temporary reprieve.
Another project is the passel of bunnies ready to go off for Easter, they do seem to multiply like, well rabbits!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten days alone.

Yes, the Prof has been away for ten days, dealing with some issues overseas and I have been guilty of one (?) of the seven deadly sins, (sloth for the curious!).
It is so easy to slip into a routine of waking late, going to bed late, eating to please oneself that it will be difficult to go back to the well  established routines. A family health crisis has kept me from feeling very creative so any efforts have been rather of the 'handle turning' kind I am afraid. Things are sorted now, so, heigh ho, it's back to work we go.
The garden is burgeoning but in that "early autumn, we've had a lot of rain, miss Haversham kind of neglected look". That reminds, me I should clear the dining room table, a couple of friends are expecting to be able to eat there tonight.
Apart from knitting rabbits, egg cozies and various animalia, I have been captivated by my latest project, stuffed lotus pods. No, you don't eat them precious, they are stuffed with fabric and fiberfill to make rather neat pincushions. Saw the idea on a friend's FB page and finally got to do something with the pods I have been hoarding from the last few summers. My very first and rather pretentious blog entry was about beauty, illustrated with a photo of my lotus in bloom.
A couple of etegami, the first again about the garden, we imported a load of soil and also it seems myriad kinds of fungi which I am enjoying at the moment after our heavy rain. The second, a card to contribute to a call for a "Cat Band" being assembled by a Japanese lady, a friend of a friend. Of course every band needs a singer so that was my contribution.