Friday, November 30, 2012

How I plan to survive Christmas.

Yes it is that time again! Retailers seem to anticipate Christmas earlier every year, pretty soon we will just have all our "gifting opportunities" rolled into one mega day on January first every year. Come to think of it that isn't a bad idea, perhaps I should take out copyright on it! On second thoughts, local websites linked to a monster online sales event recently had so many hits that the whole thing crashed with such a thud it could be heard in outer space.
 Online shopping is sooo easy now that if it were not for the joys of being part of a mass event, rather like living through the Blitz, (I know, don't be flippant about awful events in history) I would never leave my desk.
This first etegami  is for those overseas folk who must be greeted a little earlier than the locals so I do have a reason for jumping the gun a bit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gone "Troppo"!

Yep, that was me in Singapore, the heat and humidity really does bring on a kind of mental fug and general torpor.
What's that? Singapore you say?, well yes, I finally dried out my recalcitrant lungs sufficiently to fly to Singapore to visit our son and his family. Those who know me will breathe a sigh of relief that I have finally achieved my goal as I have been boring them rigid for the last three years rabbiting on about my desperate longing to make the trip "When I am well enough"!
The journey was relatively painless in the lovely big Qantas A380 and it was well worth the money to fly business class, more space and fully reclining seats.
There were minor hiccups both outward and inward bound, cancelled for a day going and put on a different flight coming home. Unfortunately the homeward flight to Sydney was on a 747 and that was not so pleasant but only six and a half hours flying time and we got to get our snouts in the trough in the Qantas lounge while we waited!
Apart from a few forays into the tourist world in Singapore we spent most of our time with the family and that was wonderful. I did manage to do quite a lot of etegami and sketching so be prepared to be bored, not by my holiday photos, but by some of my holiday etegami.

On second thoughts I will bore you with one holiday snap.......


The fish did not seem to mind that I was having a bad hair day. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No comment.

Thank you Andrew, just what I always wanted a rubber chicken handbag, now to 'cluck' up the courage to be seen on the street with her, Poulet, a French name because there just seems something so chic about her!