Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oh, OK....

Although normally being an average suburban slug I have been speeding around this week propelled by steroids and a desire to get back into the jungle that is life outside of John Hunter Hospital.
Yes that's right, I have been held hostage to my lungs yet again. These visits to the hospital to administer Drano to those pesky organs are like the chorus in a Greek tragedy, repetitive, grisly and ultimately everyone dies!
I escaped though after two weeks and ploughed into it. Wednesday I was discharged in the morning, went to do my shift at the shop, Thursday catching up on stuff, Friday entertained second son and his friend to afternoon tea, Saturday, shop again, Sunday Barbeque with son and friend, Monday to Sydney with them and a hectic visit until Wednesday morning, home in the afternoon and back to the shop and today Life Drawing!
Result; I am pooped!
The hotel in Sydney was amazing, Addams Family revisited. The decor was fun and spooky, retro and funky. Not cheap but worth it being right in the heart of Sydney.

The Lobby, Qt Hotel Sydney.

Heigh ho!