Friday, April 18, 2014

Life in the slow lane....

Whilst I am still waiting to pick up my normal speed following the last trip to the "Big House on the Hill" AKA the John Hunter Hospital, I have found the energy to reignite my interest in figure drawing. One thing I have discovered over the last few weeks is that drawing small, in sketchbooks, is not for me. I like to draw big! the model at this week's session of life drawing certainly helped me along, not only is she generously proportioned but she gave me the excuse I needed to work on A2 sized paper. Hallelujah, my arm suddenly seemed connected to my body once more, less wrist action, more arm movement. I still have a long way to go but I feel as if I am on the right track.
Other news is that I am slated for a mini exhibition of my teeny tiny origami cranes in medication bottles to be held at the aforementioned hospital sometime in May. The idea is to draw a link between hope and science. the hospital has a number of internal windows along the main corridor where small artworks are displayed.
My small craft items continue to sell quite well at the local craft gallery and I enjoy manning the gallery every Saturday afternoon, a chance to speak to people and see the work other craft people are doing.
The weather is delightful, the Prof continues to bowl several days a week, all's right with the world..........(just waiting for that big Monty Python foot to appear above us...never said I was an optimist did I?).