Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vale Buster.

Not to go into details but the fact that I havent blogged in so long will give a clue as to how my life has been these past few weeks.
Today is a particularly sad day, our little mate Buster had to be put to sleep, he was very ill with cancer and refused to eat anymore. The vet said it was the kindest thing, so while I was out attending the funeral of my next door neighbour, the Prof took him on his last trip. I have done this kindness to other pets and now it was his turn to do the deed.
The Universe has a strange way of aligning your stars. One of our main worries when we first embarked on the idea of living in a fourth floor apartment  was how  Buster would cope. More to the point, how would we cope! That problem is resolved but I would rather have the problem than the solution any day.
This will be the first time in our married lives since we returned from California to Australia in 1969 that we have been dogless for any length of time. The house feels strange and eerily empty but I am resolved not to succumb and get another little dog, all things change and the big change is coming up for us.
On the positive side, we have the keys to the new place at last and can now start moving things in, the view from the deck is lovely at night with the harbour lights and the tugs whizzing around.
Downstairs in our apartment building there is a Subway franchise, the next  building has a Minimart and there are heaps of restaurants, the favourite of which is "The Salty Squid" so we will be able to survive in our dotage as long as we can crawl to the elevator!
This house is rapidly emptying of almost all of the furniture and everything else that  cluttered up our lives but the problem remains, will my half dozen 6ft by 4ft paintings crowd us out of the new place?
Stay  tuned!
My favourite photo of Buster and me taken late last year in happier times.