Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Lizzie! and an etegami.

Sitting at my computer enjoying a holiday thanks to Her Gracious Majesty Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second's the Queens Birthday weekend! I must write to thank her for the holiday but I guess Her Royal Irrelevance would be too busy with the celebrations taking place right now in England for the Royal Jubilee to notice a missive from the colonies.
In holiday mood yesterday we took ourselves to an Art Bazaar at a nearby town, met our son and his family and had a lovely lunch to celebrate his birthday, surrounded by art. Strolling through the Bazaar later these bowls caught my eye.

The card is self explanatory. I am a little red faced, having lately declared a moratorium on buying 'stuff', but hey, 'ars longa vita brevis' as they say, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Also this weekend, another rather brown etegami in response to a call for an "American" etegami, rather predictable this one but I was having a hard time thinking past Hollywood and the gun culture.
I have lived in the USA for a total of five years many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the people there but coming from a country where gun ownership is not the norm the number of firearms in people's hands the US is frightening, so, Apple Pie it is!
Very brown offering today but they match the grey weather. In any case, Toodle pip!

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