Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh wouldn't it be luvverly?

To kiss a frog and to find a prince puckered up to you? Well I kissed a prince 48 and a half years ago and while there are some froggy aspects to his character he is still a prince among men, cooking me a slap-up breakfast, doing the grocery shopping and generally making my return home pleasant. What more could I ask for. This ruminating (I know, confusing the issue, that's what cows do) has got me thinking about life from the frog's point of view, is the princess perfect? will she excuse him any lingering toadish tendencies? It is difficult sometimes especially after your prince retires from work and you are thrown together so much more, not to be annoyed by clothing on the floor, lights not switched off and constant football on the television. But beware you princesses out there, remember not to criticize (note to ones self) lest he turn into a toad once more!

PS It is so nice to be home!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Three looong weeks!

This is the longest time that I have neglected my poor little blog but I do have an excuse. It has been a nightmare of trying different combinations of intravenous antibiotics to try to ambush this bug in my lungs. Do not despair dear reader, the latest attempt seems to be working and I hope to be out of hospital in another week (give or take an eternity).
I have not been totally' hors de combat' and I have made this etegami for St Patrick's Day. I had meant to send it to a few of my friends but it will have to be a virtual etegami and a virtual teabag to share tomorrow.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!