Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yes! the kimono that I ordered from Japan has arrived and I am so in love with it! I plan to take it up a little (shorten it) and use it as a dressing gown for my hospital stays.

Mel from Kimono Reincarnate here , a talented Aussie who spent some time in Japan and who crafts beautiful jewellery and other small decorative things from Japanese fabrics, mentioned the name of a seller of kimono who ships overseas and who is a friend of hers. I contacted Higashi-san and for a very reasonable cost I am now the proud owner of two kimono. The second one, a child's kimono will make a lovely wall hanging for my bedroom.
The adult one has a beautiful small allover design of flowers and tiny Pekin ducks on a lovely chiriman(?) silk with a white lining bordered with orange...stunning.
I did try to photograph them but must apologize for the blurry photos, maybe I was shaking with excitement? 
Posting a direct link to Hiragashi-san's shop here the postage is quite high but still a bargain and fun just to look at the lovely clothing.


  1. I love them! I've been eyeing off that one with the ducks for a while now so I'm really glad if has now found a good home. The girl's one will look very pretty hung up too.

  2. You will be the most beautiful person in the hospital!