Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have been busy......

No, not really but I have been working on a new blog.
It was clear that this blog was getting to be a bit of a mess, etegamis in, etegamis out (and shake it all about, so do the hokey cokey....) whoops, where was I?  Aah, yes, new blog.  Thus, I have set up 'Etegami Inbox' to  post all of the lovely postcards I receive HERE.
I shall still be posting my own work on this blog as well as all of the other stuff I warble on about. In any case, please don't abandon this listing hulk of a blog to that Never Neverland of sad unvisited blogs which one sometimes stumbles across. There is something so sad about an abandoned blog. Did the author die? run away to join the circus? become  incarcerated for unspeakable crimes (they seemed so nice too) or just plain run out of things to say? We will never know, a bit like the meaning of life really.


  1. I go away for a few weeks and look what happens! Two blogs - where will it end? I suppose you are referring to MY sad abandoned blog, but I am back and have actually posted something, so come on by. I love the lemons, and all your other recent work. Your discourse on the meaning of life has made me sad. I'm going to eat chocolate.

  2. Bother. I just posted a comment and it didn't work. Well I'll just say ... I love your latest work and will not abandon your blog. Meanwhile, my own sad abandoned blog has actually got a new post on it so come on by!!