Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And the Etegami Oscar goes to......

Woke up this morning to find, in the immortal words of  Sally Field on accepting an Oscar  "You really love me!" (or was it that other ridiculous person Gwyneth Paltrow..no I think it was her dress that caused hilarity).
Anyway I digress, a sweet girl has noticed me on her blog at Mari-chan's Vegan Bento Here and she has such nice things to say that I am pink with pleasure. Her blog is new and cute so do check it out.
Good to see that etegami fever is positively raging across the internet (well a little hype doesn't do any harm) if only to keep the snail mail tradition alive. There are a lot of Japanophiles out there and maybe we can recruit them all given time.LOL

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