Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden treasures: etegami

The long weekend is even longer here, raining, small breaks with sunshine, no husband cluttering up the place, plenty of opportunity to paint. The ash cloud from the South American volcano is messing with the airline flights and it looks as if the Prof will be delayed in Singapore at least until the end of the week.
 I find there is a period of time when the other half goes away that is dedicated to general sloth and eating whatever is not on his list of likes. After a few days the novelty wears off and you get a little bit lonely, no-one to dig in the ribs and tell 'Look at that!' Moving on into the second week you establish a routine of your own and after that it is a bit of an intrusion when they return and it takes a day or two to settle back into the old routine. (depends what goodies he turns up with of course!)

I am fascinated by all parts of the lotus, the water repellent leaves, the flowers. the seeds and the wonderful dried seed heads.


  1. This post MUST have been written by my identical twin from whom I was parted at birth and never knew about. :p

  2. I confess, I ghost write this blog for someone much younger and more talented! :D