Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too boring to blog.

My life at the moment is just too boring to blog about. I sit here in my apartment feeling smug and happy, okay there have been a few hiccups, like dealing with prednisone problems but otherwise happy. I have at last accepted that I will be on the dreaded drug for the rest of my life and I have stopped the horrible weaning off regime which left me a crippled mess with flu like symptoms and no energy.
BUT, I have bounced back and I am, as usual, filling up my time with too many hobbies. My latest obsession is to teach myself to draw the figure from memory in any perspective and it ain't easy folks but hugely absorbing. Must get myself a good book on anatomy for artists so I will know what I am trying to draw!
Etegami making has slowed after the orgy of card sending and receiving that is New Year but I have made a couple in the last two weeks, now I just have to figure out how to make the nude a subject of etegami and I can combine my two current crazes.
This weekend is the inaugural Urban Sketchers Newcastle meeting with a group coming from Sydney to kick start the locals. It may need a big kick but wish us luck and good weather for Saturday.
Ah, who can resist a pretentious pun?
Guess what I am having with my tea this evening? I love red bean paste so much that I have even taught my Japanese daughter in law to make it! (I think she was just humouring me).


  1. Life may seem humdrum but you and your blog never are. You bring your wit and artistic eye to everything. I can't wait to see the nudey etegami. An armless statue or the skinny dippers spied from your balcony?
    Hope the inaugural urban sketchers have a hoot.

  2. Happy New Year, Origame! Please take care. What a strong will you have despite tough side effects and complicated medical conditions! You inspire me. Enjoy lots of hobbies. One day, when you come sketch Sydney, let us meet together.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Oh, I love the pun one! Very cute.

  4. So cute, I love the pun one! Not pretentious at all.

    1. Thank you, now which of my friends can you be?

  5. How serendipitous. Many moons ago you posted a pertinent comment on the only blog I have written, out of over 80, about my bronchiectasis (breathlessinorewa.blogspot.co.nz, December 2011). I meant to follow your blog with its wonderful artwork but neglected to chase it up until recently. This is the first piece I opened and comes at a time when I have been grappling with the same roller coaster ride on prednisone. When I get bad I zap up to 30mg and wean my way slowly back, 2.5mg a week at a time, towards my supposed maintenance level of 7mg. But when I get to around 10mg things start to go pear shaped and I go back up to 30mg and start again. I'd love to be off the prednisone but that is clearly never going to happen so I have to accept, as you have, that it is now a permanent feature of my pill regime.

    Thanks for bringing Sermon for a Bird to my attention. What beautiful photographs.

    Keep painting. I tried watercolours but have no real talent in that area so will continue with my main love - words.