Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tired but happy.

The long awaited meeting of Urban Sketchers happened today in Newcastle and was a great success.
About 15 dedicated sketchers made the three hour train journey from Sydney, some of them getting up pre dawn to catch the train. About half a dozen locals showed up with the promise of more to come, so fingers crossed that we will have enough people to get some momentum. In any case, happen what may, I met some lovely people today. Sketchers are such nice people! Newcastle turned on a brilliant day, 30 degrees C, light breezes and clear skies.  Serendipity!
My morning sketch.

My afternoon sketch.
Now to collapse!


  1. I love the warm colours in the morning sketch and the cool colours in the afternoon. En plain air suits you.

  2. I agree! They look breezy and light, just as you said. I hope you kept your clothes on, as planned.