Thursday, January 9, 2014

A whole lot of yackety yack!

Yesterday was great, two new friends came to lunch and two old friends came to dinner so by evening I was all talked out! A white wine with lunch certainly oiled the vocal chords a mite but it was fun swapping experiences with folk that you had only had what I call a "meetings" kind of friendship with and to find that you have many things in common.
Today of course is a quiet day, in recovery mode and a day for making a couple of etegami.
The first is in response to a call for illustrations of Japanese cuisine. I chose chawan mushi, a kind of savoury egg custard which I think epitomises traditional Japanese cooking...simple ingredients very carefully prepared.

The second card is to send to my buddy in Victoria, Carolyn. I was browsing her blog (Sermon for a Bird; here) and loved the images she has posted of rubber duckies. Carolyn is a consummate wordsmith (love that word) and a published author (read about it here) who is now enrolled in the league of etegamists to our great delight.
Meanwhile back here at the ranch I am hoping like crazy for mild weather this Saturday for my first group sketch-about. Sounds like something we might have done in the 'Seventies but with clothes on this time!

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  1. oooh, how gorgeous! I can't believe how much work you have done while I've posted nothing for a month. I especially like the custard picture. Do you know there's a giant rubber duck in Sydney for the Sydney Festival?? It has become a meeting place and general celebrity! Check it out here: