Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another chance...

to make New Year's resolutions. The first go 'round most likely fallen by the wayside by now.
That is, Chinese New Year is coming up and thus my attempt at the phonetic rendition of "Happy New Year" in Cantonese, plus the character for Good Luck!
Apologies to any Chinese whom I may have inadvertently insulted.
There is no more splendid sight than massed Chinese lanterns something I have wanted to paint for a long time.
So here it is a, Chinese image on a card done in Japanese style, we live in a wonderfully diverse and interesting world!


  1. The lanterns are lovely! I hope we see more of them. And yes let the year begin over especially for slow coaches like me.

  2. I love 'em too ... they look a bit like persimmons!

    1. My fave fruit! The one regret I had in leaving the house was leaving the persimmon tree. :(