Monday, January 20, 2014

Time is still a'flying...

the words on a card I just received from an etegami chum and ain't it the truth?
This last week has flown by. A visit by overseas son and granddaughter was all too brief and was rather unexpected. Son was working and we had the pleasure of having our granddaughter to ourselves for three whole days.
Apart from making and flying paper airplanes, drawing silly pictures and learning about Minecraft from an eight year old, (am I the last person in the Universe to find out about this phenomenally popular online game?)  creativity was put on the back burner. I had forgotten how exhausting an eight year old can be.
I have been left a little flat now that they are back home and I am without inspiration so decided, as suggested by a friend, to carve stamps of some of the drawings I had created for greeting cards way back when (see sidebar). It was fun to carve them, the results are mixed to say the least but I hope I can create a few stamped etegami  using printed Japanese papers for the kimono.

A bit messy but you get the idea.

Our mild Summer has finally shown a spark of life and the pace of life has slowed as a consequence of the mounting heat, not that we are experiencing the searing temperatures blighting other areas of the country, still I am thankful for the breezes we catch off the harbour.
In fact on reflection I have a lot to be thankful for and I am properly grateful.

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