Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Commentario de Bello Lungicus,

 or is it a chapter of I Claudius?
It isn’t yet the Ides of March but my current medical diagnosis reads like Julius Caesar’s great work or Robert Graves’ scandalous, orgiastic tell-all novel of the Roman highlife, “I Claudius”!
Yes, the Pseudomonii and the Proteus Mirabilii are doing battle with the Alveoli and the Cilia for possession of the scrap of lungs that I have remaining. Consequently, I am hooked up to what is charmingly called the “Out and About” program (a name I always play in my head with a Canadian accent…Ooot and Aboot).
Far from being “out and about”, I am at home attached to what looks like a baby bottle full of the poison that I hope will do a “Livia” (she who had a way with poisons) on my enemies.

Other than the small problem of what used to be called “walking pneumonia” I am feeling remarkably positive, hoping that this will work and I will be spared the routine two weeks in hospital.
The Prof. goes his merry way, Lawn Bowls have become his life and I scarcely see him in the daylight hours nowadays, blessed as we are with almost perfect weather. The view from our balcony still delights and enchants us after four months in our now not-so-new place.
I continue to fool around with trivial stuff, stamping and colouring, saving my energy for the battle within.
And remember...


  1. May your ostentatious enemies be utterly vanquished and your lungs return to your own benevolent dictatorship. Bless that "trivial" stuff you pursue; I find it as important to keeping me alive as the pharmaceuticals.

  2. take care! as long as we hav humor, we're ok!! u hav lots!!! c u one day in new castle or sydney. cheers, sadami

    1. Thank you Sadami, hope the hands are getting better.

  3. Oh Carole! What rotten luck to have pneumonia in Summer. - walking or not. Art is a great life saver though and yours is a two way street working to both steady you and inspire us your fans!

  4. Yep, anytime is rotten but as you say, Art can save us from our frailties if only for a moment. Your words do the same for me.

  5. Replies
    1. Back at ya! (Assuming you are not just Breathless from excitement ;))

    2. Hi again. How have you done with Livia's bottle of poisons? Always keen to find new ways of managing my bronchi ecstasies (am on oxygen 24/7), I showed your post to my respiratory physician at my six monthly check up last week and asked him if he knew what it was you were taking. He hadn't a clue and wondered what was hidden by the computer. I would appreciate it if you can enlighten us? John

  6. Hi. How did it go with your bottle of Livia's poisons? Always on the lookout for new ways of managing my bronchi ecstasies - am on oxygen 24/7 - I showed your photo to my respiratory physiology specialist last week but he had no idea what you were doing! He was blocked from a better view perhaps by the computer. Enlightenment welcome!