Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Etegami, Colour, and the words of Van Gogh.

On my morning walk I was confronted at almost every turn by this rambunctious vine, Pyrostegia venusta or Brazilian Trumpet creeper. This enthusiastic late winter bloomer is a jarring sight clothing many drab tumbledown fences, draping them in brazen colour,  livening up the otherwise gentle tints of spring. Brazen it may seem but on a blustery cold day it does lift my mood. The dog only blessed it in his usual manner and passed on.
My present preoccupation with the letters of Van Gogh helped to  find a very apt quote to go with my model, a snippet I stole from a neighbour, an unknowing patron of the arts!


  1. Hi, Origame,
    Thank you for the lovely post and sharing the wonderful quote, so true. (I really admrie Van Gogh.)
    Kind regards, Sadami

    1. Thanks Sadami, yes he struggled with poverty, mental illness and his religion but we thank him for the glorious works of art he produced.