Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go gentle...

I have been re-reading the letters of Vincent Van Gogh and lusting after the complete edition of his letters but at around $500 for the boxed set I think I shall have to content myself with other people's selections. These selections invariably focus on the more sensational aspects of his life, his religious mania, his famous self mutilation and finally his suicide. However,Van Gogh was more than a madman and an artist, he was a writer and in his letters to Theo his brother there are many pearls of wisdom and observations about art, life and his feelings.
I was moved to illustrate the quote  on this etegami as I have often thought that flowers accompany and evoke our most tender feelings for others and among flowers the cyclamen is one of the most gentle.
Weddings, bereavements, birthdays, sickness, flowers accompany our feelings in all.

I have used a new tool in making this etegami, my friend Fumiko has sent me this very useful small bamboo instrument which works beautifully with the absorbent etegami cards and gives a satisfying amount of "blobbiness".


  1. Your petals have lots of character. You really seem to have gotten the hang of using that tool. I'm having some trouble with mine. Fumiko herself says that she doesn't like it much.

  2. I love everything about this etegami Carole. And such a beautiful quote which applies to many situations.