Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tender thoughts of long ago.

Today I remembered my Nanna who was my closest friend and ally until I left home to marry at the ripe old age of eighteen. I saw little of her for the last few years of her life, I was in America, she at home. Her last years were difficult, she had the same kind of lung problems as I do but from a different cause, a further bond between us.
Whenever I wash the china teacups on the shelves in my kitchen I remember her insistance that I have a proper trousseau, something she began with a half dozen bone china cups and saucers. Of course this gathering together of household items is an outmoded custom, in fact most couple have a full household  of goodies by the time they decide to tie the knot.
In any case, my teacups do hold more than tea, they hold memories, something I would like to pass on to my granddaughters. who sometimes take tea with me out of the very cups my Nanna gave me.


  1. I inherited all my grandmother's dishes, mainly because I got married first among all my cousins, and she passed away shortly before my wedding. But we only used them the first two years we were married, because we moved too often and too far to take them with us. They eventually got passed on to another cousin. I hardly knew my grandmother, but the dishes made me feel connected to her somehow.

  2. Hello Carole:) Lovely story:) Lovely teacup too!