Monday, July 2, 2012

The calm AFTER the perfect storm.

Yes, things have returned to their dull normal routine here today, second son has been farewelled, granddaughters delivered back to their parents and it is time to catch up on a bit of etegami-ing.
Last week, knowing that I was struggling a bit and worried that I would not make it through the weekend, my good friend Jan (remember Jan?, she bakes) gave me a bunch of gorgeous roses to cheer me up.
I did so want to send her a card but roses are the most difficult flowers to draw, never mind, it's the thought that counts and as Debbie always reminds her disciples,"clumsy is okay"'

And an RSVP. The person asked for an email but that is so boring isn't it? Good old snail mail!!!
Very fond of this snail I am Precious. Hope it reaches her in time.
By the way, a couple of these etegami are sporting my new stamp, "St Cicada" patron saint of tinnitus sufferers, ah you have to laugh or you would go nuts!


  1. I love how your colored the roses. And the shell of the snail too.

    I've had tinnitus since my mid twenties ever since I injured back trying to close the back door of a rusty old car. I will give your advice a try, Carole, and laugh about it to save my sanity. :p

    1. Thanks Debbie, sorry you have it too. Reminds me of that old joke with the punch line " it only hurts when I laugh" maybe we can turn that around to " I only laugh when it hurts" , there would be a lot of chuckling going on in that case. :)

  2. I have great sympathy for those with tinnitus since I got a massive ear infection and my right ear rang for about a month ... no matter how much I told people, they just kept talking into that ear! The snail is lovely and I think you captured that tea rose shape perfectly. More to tell, I'll send you an email.

  3. These are wonderful. Such a lovely sentiment in the first one in particular. Love the snail! That really is a great snail. :)