Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A purply, mauvey kind of day.

Interesting fact about the dye colour  mauve, it was the first of the aniline (artificial) dyes to be invented in 1856 and gave ordinary folk access to a colour previously restricted to royalty and extracted at great cost from the murex shellfish. All of which has little to do with this post today except that it is interesting to note that like almost every other good thing, nature thought of it first. I have been noticing a lot of purple tints appearing in our late winter/ early spring flowers and fruits.
The Lillipilli is a subject almost begging to be etegamied, those luscious mauvey, purply, reddish fruits that while not the most tasty of fruits, are generally edible and look for all the world like strange coloured cherries.

Another pale pink almost mauve flower anticipating spring is the lovely star magnolia which looks so fragile but which withstands the wintry weather for a few days at least to cheer us up.

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  1. I have just been browsing all your new posts and this is my very favourite. Both of the paintings are just exquisite and have made my day! Thank you!