Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still watching ...

Yes still watching the unfolding drama in Japan, all of those nuclear power enthusiasts must surely be taking a second look at the idea that it is a good way to go?
Thankfully we are nuclear free here in Australia even if we do contribute massively to the global coal fired power station mess with our exports. There has been a growing push to re-examine the nuclear option, possibly as an alternative to any tax that may be put on us as polluters. I think I will be dusting off my 'FlowerPower" beads and placards stowed away since the Seventies to hit the streets if there is even a hint that we build nuclear power stations . And here I thought that I could decline into a sedate old age!

I received this postcard from my friend Fumiko and it really brought home how worrying the situation is for people living in the shadow of a potential nuclear disaster.
The statistics on refugees are even greater in the last few days
Every time I sit down to do some painting of a vaguely 'Japanese' subject like the persimmons I wanted to paint for an Autumn etegami, the crisis insinuates itself into my thoughts.
I do really hope there is a rainbow waiting for the Japanese people at the end of this dark night.


  1. Dear Origa-me,
    Thank you for your kind concern for the Japanese people affected by the earthquake. We, Australians' good will help to bridge a rainbow betwen the victims/refugees and their future.
    Kind regards, Sadami