Monday, March 7, 2011

Quilts and etegami,

 who could ask for anything more?
Among the wonderful etegami I have received in the past few days are these two from "Senior" (Shungo), he always surprises, After getting a few of his quite masculine images these arrived. Two very delicately coloured images using his favourite flower the camellia and a kokeshi doll.
The camellias in the first one remind me of those hats Japanese brides wear in their traditional wedding costumes. Both etegami are prints done by carving some kind of ceramic plate and hand coloured. I love them.

The beautiful lap quilt I was given was a wonderful surprise. Made by Mrs.T who is the mum of a young woman I met in hospital and whom  I have kept in touch with. It is especially special because I know it was made just for me as it incorporates references to my interest in all things Japanese and also my obsession with cranes, usually the origami kind but now extended to the fabric kind! A lot of work and thought have gone into the making of this quilt and I really appreciate it. The gift of another person's time is the most precious gift.
Thank you Mrs T. and thank you Bekka for giving me your friendship when it was such a trying time for you. Rebekka has been in hospital going on 5 months and always tries to cheer other people up, a real hero in my book.

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  1. Wow, the quilt is truly spectacular. Don't use that at the beach. (: