Monday, March 14, 2011

Etegami from Japan.

I received these etegami a while ago from Japan, the first one from Fumiko is a beautiful papercut depicting a monster who goes from house to house asking if the kids are behaving themselves and extracting a promise from them to be good. A bit more in your face than the old "Santa Claus won't give you any presents if you are naughty! Apparently folk will dress up in monster costumes and scare the pants off the kids, how seriously they take it I don't know but it would have scared me.
It seems the monsters have been stirring in the earth in Japan. The scale of the earthquake and tsunami devastation is hard to grasp.
The second one is a wee bit less scary and sent by DosankoDebbie . It was made as a Valentine's card, beautiful and inventive as always. Debbie sells her work through her Etsy shop which can be accessed through her blog (see sidebar).
I will be off the radar again from tomorrow, back to the Five Star Resort on the hill (otherwise known as the hospital) for a few days or maybe two weeks however it pans out but keep those cards and letters (and comments) coming folks.


  1. Hi Carole
    These are really lovely works. Love the story about the Japanese version of Santa. It is pretty scary!
    Oh, all the best at the hospital...


  2. Thanks Evelyn, yes, I'd be a good girl if a knife wielding green monster came to my door.:(