Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sweltering through these last days of summer, yesterday was 38 degrees C and today is a wonderful 24!
Summer is drawing to a close and one thing that epitomizes this for me is the carpet of frangipani (pekaki) flowers on the footpaths around town. The air is redolent with their fabulous perfume and the trees heavy with flowers. All too soon their fleshy limbs will be bare. and the perfume will be a memory.
This etegami is made using a stamp I carved, inspired by my Japanese friends who are exploring many different media, I hope it gives the feeling of the flowers spiraling to the ground to be crushed underfoot by passersby.
As a nod to the wondrous event which will travel the length of Japan in the coming months, starting in the south and ending in Hokkaido in May (?), Sakura blooming  I have done this etegami.
 What a marvelous thing to think we all  experience the Earths wonders at different times of the year.


  1. Wouldn't mind 24 deg. It's about 18-21 deg here and rainy! Love your stamped design Carole!

  2. How lovely - I can just smell the frangipanni. I'd like some summer too... we have had snow. Outrageous!