Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back home and happy about it!

Back home this AM and as usual astounded to see the growth in my garden (those things that have survived the tender ministrations of the Prof that is) , I can't help posting a few of my indifferent wobbly snaps, just for the hell of it! This one is for you Debbie, an even more exotic frangipani. It  is in a pot by the pond.
The waterlily is actually blue but the sunshine was so brilliant in between light showers of rain that it washed out all of the colour.

The lotus seed head has already dropped seed into the pond, I wonder if it will grow? They are notoriously difficult to grow from seed but they run like crazy. The bougainvillea is a fairly common type but always good value.
Tomorrow when I have gathered my wits a bit I'll regale you with a glimpse of my life as a 'not so patient' patient....can't wait for that!


  1. Have just caught up with your last few posts ... I hope the hospital stay was not too bad. Yes, it is hard to believe what's happened in Japan, which I sometimes foolishly imagine to be just the land of cherry blossom and the lovely Mt Fuji. It puts our floods in perspective. I wish I could grow lotus and frangipanni here... thanks for the photos.