Thursday, May 24, 2012

Etegami call.

For all of you out there wishing to 'dip your toe' into the etegami pool, here is a great opportunity. Dan Brown from Shropshire has decided to mount an exhibition of etegami celebrating all things English and has invited submissions.

ETEGAMI CALL! Please submit your etegami on the theme of England or Englishness to help celebrate us hosting the Olympic games and our Queen's Diamond jubilee-60 years on the throne. Please submit to me at: 15 Aspen Way, Newport, Shropshire TF 107EE. Deadline is 26th June. Im going to try and get some gallery space in Shrewsbury, if not I will create a Blog to exhibit them.
I have made an etegami but have taken a little licence with the subject (we Aussies can never resist taking the mickey out of the English). I have made two versions of the card, again nijimi and no nijimi paper.
Hope you will have a go, it is fun once you get started.


No nijimi.
Not completely in the spirit of etegami but I traced over the first one to make the second one the same.

(For those not aware of our illustrious history here in Oz, the first european settlers were prisoners from overcrowded English gaols, mostly Irish, sent here to take their chances in the Antipodes. From this unpromising start sprang this great nation, a place still regarded as a haven for rascals and scallywags by a majority of Brits I fear, though they do look with envy on our climate.)

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  1. Haha. That will tick them off. I like the nijimi look, although those toes on the other one are terrific.