Sunday, May 27, 2012


The passionfruit vine has been given that name because it reminded people of the passion of Christ, the cross in the middle and an encircling crown of thorns.
 Lately it is more apt to remind people of a different kind of passion and that too is apt. The fruit is wonderful, sweet and musky but it excites passion both in those who love it and those who hate it. I am a lover of the wonderful fruit and I cannot understand not liking it but then there are those who will eat the Durian, famously known for its disgusting smell. Our current vine (they only produce well for three years or so) is a fragrant Panama Red and the fruit does not develop the wrinkly dark outer skin of older varieties but stays large and round and a lovely mauvish purple spotted like a plover's egg.

Heigh ho, off to eat this beauty!


  1. How gorgeous - love the colours and design. I am one of those that can't eat passionfruit, unless every seed is removed (picky, picky)! I am lucky to have someone in the house who makes passionfruit ice cream, and it's sensational.

    1. LOL, my brother won' t eat the seeds either, says they look like dead flies! Dreaming now of that ice cream.