Saturday, May 26, 2012

Are we worthy?

Are we worthy? It is a question I often pose myself when I see an object of great beauty such as an orchid or a butterfly. The privilege of seeing the splendour around us surely demands a price, that price must be a concern for the environment. That concern can take the form of consuming less and to that end I have resolved to follow the advice of William Morris who said  something like " Have nothing in your homes that is not beautiful or useful".  It is a difficult creed to follow but becoming easier as I enter a phase of winnowing out my possessions and rejecting the ephemera which is (are) daily thrust at us. A task made even more difficult when I look in my email at the many 'opportunities' offered to me from merchants with whom I have dealt before.
Lest all this sound too high flown and sanctimonious, I have exempted a few notable categories of goodies...etegami supplies being the first!
So on to today's offering of beauty (or an attempt at).

An orchid I bought from a man whom I met in hospital who was very ill and was dispersing his huge orchid collection, a sad task but this one at least has gone to a very appreciative person.


  1. I came somewhat late to this, but was cheered by it nevertheless on this sleepless late night.