Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Miguel Library .

A member of the Facebook  page 'Etegami Fun Club" ( check it out) has put out a call for etegami to do with books or reading for a festival of Japanese culture that the library is hosting this Summer.
Here is my contribution, a couple of happy bookworms. I guess with the advent of the Ebook they will, like many other species become extinct or perhaps they will adapt to the new technology. Personally I have read more since I got a Kindle than I have for years.


  1. Great stuff ... I liked your traditional camellia, too (what a lovely pink in both this one and that one). I can't believe how busy you've been and how much you've done since I last visited! I'm jealous! I'm a bit incapacitated at the moment and have to limit my time on the PC. Great to see this burst of creativity. What is the iron on thing - can you put it on clothes?

    1. Hi Gay, thanks for your comments, no the iron on washi is for postcards, it is just a thin sheet of paper ( washi) that you iron onto ordinary card to make an absorbent surface. It is quite difficult to buy cards as the Japanese suppliers will not mail overseas usually, my daughter in law will get them for me when she goes back to Japan sometimes but this is a good substitute in the meantime.
      Incapacitated? I hope it is not too dire, take care of yourself, Tasmania can't afford to lose your genius!

  2. Hope the San Miguelians like the exhibition!