Monday, April 23, 2012

The only type of ironing I like.

After nearly fifty years of ironing clothing, I said " it is time for wash and wear"...that is until I discovered 'iron on washi'!
Well I didn't discover it so much as have it handed to me on a plate by my good friend Debbie who has graciously sourced some etegami materials to kick start a few of us novices and sent them all the way from Japan.
Mine arrived and this is my first experiment with it, as well as a 'control' etegami to compare it with the cards I usually use.
This uses a stamp I made and I was pleased to see that I get a nice 'antique' effect very suitable to the subject matter, a mature hydrangea flower head.

The card using my medium nijimi washi is a little more crisp, I do think the iron on is great for some subjects but I will probably use a pen to write the words in future because the 'bleed' is less easy to control. I am sure with Japanese characters it would be more attractive as the language is quite pictorial and lends itself to a much more artistic rendition. That's my excuse anyway!


  1. Hi, Origame,
    Oh...I see... I always wondered if a pen is hard to work on "washi," because of nijimi(bleeding). But I did not know "ironing!" Ta.
    Cheers, Sadami

    1. Hi Sadami, thank you for your lovely comments! The pen I use is a Pentel liquid gel pen and it seems to work well, using sumi ink is a little more difficult to control but looks nice on some cards.

  2. What is the usual paper you use?

    1. Jeannie, I usually use special cards from Japan which have a very absorbent surface,rather velvety and soft. The other thing I use is ordinary washi (Japanese paper) which I then fix onto cardboard using a spray adhesive.Thanks for visiting.