Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"An inordinate fondness for beetles"

Close inspection of my garden over the last few days has revealed the effect of a month's neglect and even though I do not usually use sprays to kill the creepie crawlies, just picking them off  keeps the numbers down. Because of my neglect there is now a breathtaking array of bugs and spiders, indeed the spider's webs make a glistening lacy  display in the slanting rays of the sun.
My neighbour who spends a good deal of time attacking anything on his property that moves with noxious  sprays is aghast but, I think it is not necessary and fingers crossed, the spiders and I have maintained a healthy respect for each other.
The creepy crawlies and their cunning ways have inspired me to make a couple of etegami.


  1. Fabulous! It took me a long time to think of bugs as subjects for etegami, but these days I'm fascinated with them, as you well know... ;p

  2. Who can forget your Ninja-ed

  3. Oh, Origami,
    Your work and post always makes me smile. Your love for living creatures and humour are so lovely!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. Gosh, you're good. I love them both - the all-green mantis (I didn't know that Ogden Nash verse, it's a beauty) and particularly the perspective & colours on the bug on the daisy. It's a small masterpiece. Haldane - the chemist?

    1. Yep,the famous atheist! Thanks for the kind words, I have to confess that I used a prop praying mantis,a plastic one that a friend gave me!

  5. Love the artistic inspiration you see in nature's rich and playful palette, Carole...and as always simply admire the wit and economy of your etegami illustration!

  6. I would love to capture the colours that you have in your artistic bentos.