Friday, January 27, 2012

Choo Choo Train etegami.

I have been busy today making a couple of etegami to send to Japan to be included in a 'traveling' exhibition. My friend Shungo passed on an invitation to send three etegami which will be displayed in a commuter train in Gunma prefecture. I am thrilled!
My very first native Japanese correspondent, Hatsue Chiba was the organizer of this event in past years but sadly she fell ill and now it has passed into other hands.
I have decided to make one rather 'cheezy' Aussie one featuring my favourite kangaroo mailperson (she has a pouch!), hoping it will appeal to the commuters and another with my favourite summer flower the frangipani, hoping to cheer them in the cold weather. The third one is an etegami I made some time ago of an emu, a cheeky,pugnacious and inquisitive Australian animal with a very direct gaze, maybe he will shock the travelers out of their morning sleepiness.


  1. Hi,Oregami,
    Ooohh! Sounds so interesting! Your work is very lovely. I hope the exhibition will go well.
    Best wishes,Sadami

  2. These are terrific. Love your lettering as usual. I think the emu is my favorite. Congratulations on the exhibition!