Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sticking my neck out.

I am trying to  practice what this card preaches and not get bogged down in day to day worries (also, any excuse to paint a giraffe!)

Life goes on here after the demise of my dear old dog...oh I know I had threatened him harm on days when his demented barking  would not let us rest but I was pleased to see him go so easily. A sudden heart attack and four hours later he was gone. There was a witness to the attack so no foul play can be alleged. He seemed otherwise in good health and spirits right up to the end, I kind of envied him really. He was overly pampered and I vow not to make the same mistake with our remaining dog.
The Prof is in India and apart from a case of Delhi Belly is enjoying his work reviewing scientific programs on the subcontinent. It is about his millionth and one overseas trip of our married life and he has vowed this will be the last! (I have heard this before, but, wave an airline ticket in front of him and all you see is a cloud of dust!) Of course this is sour grapes on my part as traveling is so difficult for me but now we are no longer looking after a disabled dog I am seriously planning a trip to Singapore to see the family, it could happen.


  1. My husband frequently says "This is the last time I go to an overseas conference! I'm too old to handle jet lag anymore." But then he finds another conference that he absolutely has to go to, especially if it's in a country with mountains (he LOVES mountains). ;p