Friday, January 13, 2012

Just a little Willendorf moment

One of my most prized possessions is the persimmon tree in my front garden, every year it produces masses of fruit which is shared between the fruit bats, the fruit fly and us.
One of the really delightful things about this tree is that it occasionally goes a little crazy and produces fruits like this, a perfect replica of the Venus of Willendorf. I could not wait until it ripened to a fleshly hue as those aforementioned pests may carry her off prematurely and that would be a shame.

The original venus looks like this...

I have had a delightful day, a visit from son and granddaughters, the weather is cool, the man came about the nasty smell of sewage permeating the house (it was a blocked drain in the street)...ahhh, I love civilization! Then I spent a lovely afternoon carving a Scotch thistle stamp and making an etegami to wish my Scottish friends a good trip.
I have as usual mangled the words of the poet and I apologize to the shades of the great Robbie Burns.

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  1. Dear Origame,
    Hahahahaha!! Great!! Oh, always your post is joy for me. Keep that Vinus from pests. I really look forward to seeing your etegami of it!!