Monday, January 16, 2012

"Green grow the persimmons Oh"

Checking on the fruit on the persimmon tree in the front garden has become a daily ritual. I am looking for the first blush of colour that will tell me that I must gird my loins to take up the fight against the pests who would deprive me of this luscious fruit.
Sadly the only blush to be seen so far has been on my own cheek when I see some of the misshapen fruit  the tree has produced this year (see previous entry).
It always surprises me when someone says they don't  like persimmons but I suspect their aversion is due to "mouth feel". "mouth feel" is a technical term used in the food industry to describe the feel of food in your mouth (imaginative little beggars aren't they?)  Some people describe the flesh as slimy but to me it is manna and I am marking the weeks 'till they are luscious and rosy orange and melt in your mouth.
Until then dear reader I will content myself with my fantasies and a kind of etegami countdown (and an admonition to myself)!


  1. Hi,Origame,
    Bravo for your lovely painting! Also for your ELEGANT and humorous writing!!
    Kind regards,Sadami

  2. Hi Carole
    I had a few really lovely persimmons from the farmers market in California. So sweet. The best and sweetest I've had. I'd imagine yours will be as lovely since it's from your own tree.

    Love your painting too. Yes, be patient - I am looking forward to seeing your orangey fruit!


  3. Your art work is beautiful! I love home grown fruit but if I go to pick some, none of it gets home...

  4. How lovely! So harmonious and well balanced.
    We have persimmons too, but they're different from yours - they certainly don't resemble the Venus of Willendorf (now that is unbelievable. Are you sure the Prof didn't do a little genetic experiment?) Ours are the 'non-astringent' type that you can eat before they go jellyish, and they are sweet and nutty, but you can eat them soft if you want. I think they are a really classy fruit. Your greens are delicious - did you mix them, or can you buy that colour??

  5. Hi Gay, thanks, the paints I use are Japanese mineral paints called Gansai. They are very pure colours and mostlu transparent. I posted a photo of them in about Nov. 2010. Our persimmons are the same as yours but I have to say, I think that jelly mouth feel is worth waiting for. At the moment we are eating figs, another fave The only genetic experiments the Prof did at home are now middle aged men! :)