Friday, December 2, 2011

What do you have for breakfast?

That was the question posed by Deborah Davidson for a mailart call on her blog HERE  and this was my response........

Unfortunately it is the awful truth that I eat more pills than food sometimes!   By a strange coincidence (aren't they by nature strange?) one of the other contributors shared the same Alma Mater, the Canberra School of Art, with me albeit 10 years later. Given that the number of graduates is pretty small compared to other places in the world and Debbie's blog originates in Japan, it is probably low odds that this would happen. It's a small blogosphere! 



  1. Hi,Origa-me,
    Beautiful work! Take care and enjoy your life fully.
    If necessary, I'll take medication. But always I ask any doctor "the less or nil."

  2. Pills sometimes help us stay well enough to do art!
    So glad you are on the mend!
    Happy St. Nicholas Day!
    Very small world sometimes indeed.
    So glad we have gotten to know each other.
    Sherry who makes wishes on snow flakes

  3. you didn't think anyone would notice but that is a Beatrix Potter plate isn't it!
    I love this picture, it makes the pills look really festive, like dancing sweets.