Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrooge McPig

Not everybody is looking forward to Christmas, and as we contemplate our festive boards groaning with ham and pork, spare a thought for the pig. As Homer Simpson once famously remarked,"Bacon, ham,sausages, a talented animal is the pig!" (or words to that effect).

May your festive boards groan with goodies but just take care that it is not you who are groaning from overindulgence!
One of our party who shall remain nameless is currently following the "Paleolithic" diet (no carbohydrates, i.e. bread, potatoes, pasta ) so meat will feature very heavily on our table this holiday season. Whether he intends to catch and club his own I cannot tell but what is true is that by following this high protein diet he has reduced from about 95 kilos to 73 kilos in just a few months. I wonder if Christmas cake, trifle and potato salad will seduce him away from the diet?


  1. That nameless person should be congratulated for the weight loss! And double congratulations go to the person who slaves in the kitchen to make the diet work. In any case, it's not the cooking or the eating that depresses me, it's the cleaning up. That's why I keep our dinners very simple. Lovely, lovely pig drawn from a refreshing perspective.

  2. Dear Oregame,
    Beautiful painting and the wonderful post makes me laugh loud. I wonder if Homer and YOU use a pun for Francis Bacon...ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
    Let us survive and maintain the same weight throughout this festive season.

  3. I love this pig and his bacon-y goodness!!

  4. Pigs are safe with me and my beloved...we are plant based people...we do love the good leaf!
    Happy Holidays....
    May 2012 be filled with healthy days and restful nights.
    Many smiles,