Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So that was Christmas,

And what have I done? to misquote John Lennon...well, cooked a massive Christmas dinner for 10, opened my gifts and promptly sank into a torpor, rising only to sling leftovers to the assembled hordes for supper and dish up the numerous desserts made by various relatives, friends and onlookers who were perhaps hoping to be treated to the spectacle of exploding people in the style of Monsieur Creosote of Monty Python fame, he who succumbed to the temptation of 'just a wafer thin" mint.) please do not look at the clip on YouTube if you are at all sensitive,
Leftovers are perhaps the chief joy of the profane side of Christmas or indeed any gathering where many are fed, the cook has days of the luxury of being able to say "just look in the refrigerator, there are leftovers there", thus freeing them from the responsibility of menu planning and preparation. One cannot be  held responsible if people choose to have pavlova washed down with cola for their meal.
Further to the saga of the  near and dear one on the Cave Man diet, I am impressed at how well he stuck to his guns and eschewed the many tasty starches thrust under his quivering nostrils, WILLPOWER! you don't see much of that these days. As an added bonus no blood was shed during the entire day and the whole family behaved themselves impeccably.
Enough of that, like the Japanese expression "Chlistmasu Caku" (used to describe a no longer nubile 26 year old woman, yes sexist I know), talking about Christmas after December 26 is really not very interesting so, on to...

                                        NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Which brings me to my new year etegami and the bold experiment of copying the original onto thin washi sheets and pasting them to postcards.

This is the original (sans the gold glitter I added after copying),

and this is the copy, the glitter did not scan well and the colour changed a little bit but altogether not a bad way to go. It allows me to send a card I am happy with to more people and that is A GOOD THING. ( I am suddenly in love with capitals it seems, not shouting, just excited! oh, and exclamation marks).

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  1. Hi,Origame,
    Wow, beautiful etagami! Your post always makes me laugh or giggle!! (*Thank goodness, I did not publish the post, "Xmas sale & Women" that's mentioning old maids in Japan). Keep up wonderful work!
    Best wishes,Sadami