Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One cicada does not a summer make...

We are having an unusually cool damp start to summer here and that is a "good thing" as Martha would say. The Prof may yet get his baked meats for Christmas dinner.
The weather may be unreliable, blame 'La Nina', for the weather pattern we are experiencing, but the cicadas have drilled their way to the light on cue and  are droning on in the background.  To mark this wondrous annual event I have revisited my very first etegami HERE and tried a different approach, a bit overworked maybe but I can't help trying to see how far I can push the lovely velvety surface of the washi cards. The image is a bit fuzzy and the colour is off, I think it is time for a new scanner.


  1. Mmmm, I think it looks very nice! Is that a haiku? Looks like your soft lines are back, unless it;'s the scanner!

  2. Naw,the scanner is a bit dodgy but I used the card with a lot of absorbency (nijimi).
    Yes it is a haiku, this guy had a very earthy way of looking at life, I particularly like the one he wrote complaining about his accommodation,
    fleas and lice
    and a horse pissing
    next to my pillow

  3. Hi, Origame,
    I love your etegami. Particularly, this work is a masterpiece! Cicadas in Sydney sing differently from Japanese ones though. Thank U for reminding me of Basho.