Monday, November 7, 2011

People who know me...

People who know me would be unaccustomed to my silence for over a week but, you guessed it, I am back in the 'slammer' again! A slight problem associated with too much prednisone, wonderful drug but it comes at a cost.
I hope to be home and etegamying soon, nil desperandum is my motto (easy to say)!


  1. I am sending many blessings and lots of wellness your way....
    Your Etegami came in my post today...
    gorgeous just like you!
    Thank you! I am honored....
    I am inspired.

  2. Ah, I feared as much ... well, hope to see you blogging again very soon!

  3. Thanks for the good thoughts guys, back home and on the dreaded pred again but tapering off slowly in the hopes that my adrenals will get back to work doing what adrenals do best, making you 'perky'!

  4. Bonjour
    je m'appelle Corinne et j'habite en France .J'aime les étégami et j'ai vu que vous aussi ,sur le blog de Debbie......accepteriez vous un échange étégami avec moi????
    Itry to translate(my english is bad!!)
    my name is Corinne,i live in France.I like etegami and i'd see you too on debbie's blog.........Did you accepted etegami exchange with me?????
    friendly and
    have a nice day..

  5. Hi Corinne, happy to exchange and looking forward to receiving your card.
    My French is poor, much poorer than your english but I thank goodness for Google translate.