Friday, November 11, 2011

Aaah Beauty, so hard to capture.

Have been having an enforced break from painting and having a little trouble getting back into the groove.This one is for a lovely friend Marcia who brings me goodies in hospital and who turned up the other day after I got home, with some gorgeous epiphyte flowers. They only last a day but were very lovely.

I thought the quote was appropriate because for most of the year the plant is a bunch of succulent, bare stems and no one could imagine such a large, soft, fragile and beautiful flower springing from it, frustratingly difficult to paint though.


  1. Is it what they call a 'Christmas cactus'? I'm always amazed at cactus flowers too - they're so rewarding to grow. Lovely colours, and it looks 3-D wihtout losing its freshness. Hope to see lots more from you soon.
    Thanks for your Murdoch headline, it was perfect!

  2. Lovely. And I am taking some comfort (on a personal level) from the words too.

  3. Hey for me but the other way 'round.
    Yeh Gay, thought it was about time your blog had some 'adult' content.